Introducing The Eggcellent Adventure In Ark: Survival Evolved

There has been a controversy circulating within the Ark: Survival Evolved community recently, concerning the late release of an Easter event. Players were anticipating the latter, though Studio Wildcard did not give in right away. Nonetheless, the devs released it along with an explanation as to why they did such. But hey, that's all in the past as the Eggcellent adventure starts now.

In the official Ark: Survival Evolved site, the latest edition (89th) of the Community Crunch introduced the newest event to embrace the game. It's called Ark: Eggcellent Adventure and, as the name suggests, it's themed in accordance with the Easter season. Unfortunately for the fans, this event will not last that long.

The Ark: Survival Evolved Eggcellent Adventure was first brought to the game's PC version, with Studio Wildcard promising on bringing it to the consoles. The event, however, will only be here for a week. During this period, players will be given the chance to collect all the special Bunny Eggs across the game's archipelago.

Interestingly, these eggs can be utilized as special recipes to craft bunny-inspired items. This includes the likes of Bunny Ears and other items of such. Players may even use it to create a Bunny Costume that they may use for the Procoptodon. Again, all of these can only be experienced by players on the PC platform.

Console Ark: Survival Evolved fans need not to worry, though. PlayStationLifeStyle reports that the video game company plans to release the aforementioned event on April 24. Sure, this is somewhat very late; however, the studio has no other options but to do so. Why? That's because they need to bring the event update right next to the major versions of the game. Otherwise, players will only experience connectivity issues and other sorts of problems.

In related Ark: Survival Evolved news, the developers has just introduced a brand new creature. It's called Yutyrannus, which is somewhat similar to a regular Tyrannosaurus Rex. The only catch? Well, it's covered with feathers.

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