Saints Row 2 For PC Is Free To Download But For A Limited Time Only

Players may want to hurry and download a free copy of Saints Row 2 PC versions from The company is offering the said title free for a limited-time only. It means that on the morning of April 22, will be the players' last chance to access one of the best games from the early 2000s. is generous to release a free copy of Saints Row 2 for everyone. It is free because the company is holding its Deep Silver Sale again. According to BGR, the free access is not unusual for the distributor since it has done it many times before.

Saints Row 2's price is $9.99 and if players have been eyeing the game but do not want to spend their money, they should download it before the giveaway ends. Another good news is they will not need to access the game on Steam.

They can easily play Saints Row 2 without logging in to any server. As per GameSpot, if they have their own copy on Steam, they can transfer their progress to their DRM-free copies. All they have to do is to use GOG Connect.

They should not worry since their Saints Row 2 in Steam will not be harmed or damaged. They can still access the game there if they want to. In addition, players can grab the whole installment of Saints Row just with a price of $47.25 that was previously $186.90.

In addition, other games such as Saint Row IV, Sacred Gold 2, Metro 2033 Redux and Risen series have a discount of 75 percent. GOG's offer is way better than the other stores that offer the games in their original prices.

Hopefully, everyone can download their DRM-free version of Saints Row 2. If players are looking for discounted video games, they should always visit to check what the distributor has offered every gamer.

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