C4 Jeep Returning To Battlefield 1? Here's What We Know

C4 Jeep has returned in Battlefield 1. However, it is not exactly a vehicle loaded with explosives like dynamite. Nevertheless, if players manage to pull the trick off, then there are chances that chaos will happen in the game. DICE has not yet addressed whether it is trying to fix the discovery.

Is It Even Possible To Recreate C4 Jeep In Battlefield 1?

If players want to easily kill their enemies in Battlefield 1, they can now do that. Thanks to the kindness of a Reddit user, others may recreate the C4 Jeep, though it is not exactly the jeep loaded with dynamites. Players still need to use any vehicle to bump into the explosives.

One player must scatter several boxes of explosives in their target area to ensure a big damage will happen. Next, they must ride on a motorcycle or any automobile they can find, according to VG247. When they are near the boxes, they must jump quickly before they will crash with the dynamites.

It is not an easy trick to do in Battlefield 1 but it is worth a try especially if there are many enemies surrounding them. However, if they want to make sure that this kill their opponents, they can use the technique like a suicide mission.

How Will DICE Address The Current C4 Jeep?

Unfortunately, DICE has not yet responded on the current C4 Jeep discovery of players in Battlefield 1. As per PC Gamer, there might be a chance that the developer will not solve the issue and let them use this trick against one another.

If DICE will not even try to solve the C4 Jeep in Battlefield 1, players may consider themselves lucky, as they can kill each other without any hassle. Although, players will enjoy the game more if they really fight, rather than use explosives all the time.

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