‘One Punch Man' Chapters 113 And 114 Spoilers: Suiryu’s Dead? Monster Association Wreaks Havoc

By Shor M. Rae , Apr 22, 2017 06:33 AM EDT

The latest installment of “One Punch” manga has been released and fans are treated with two chapters. It covers the ongoing fight between Suiryu and Gouketsu as well as the rise of the Monster Association, which leads the manga to a birth of new arc, the Monster Association Arc.

Bakuzan Turns Into A Monster

As revealed in the previous chapter of “One Punch Man” manga, Bakuzan gobbled a handful of monster cells and he passed out. That time, Suiryu and Gouketsu thought Bakuzan died from an overdose of the monster cells since Gouketsu said that only one monster cell was needed to mutate. However, later in the fight in “One Punch Man” Chapter 113, when Suiryu gets a chance to flee from Gouketsu at the expense of Lightning Max and Sneck’s lives, Bakuzan emerges to hinder Suiryu’s escape.

Bakuzan has successfully mutated into a monster and even Gouketsu was impressed that he was able to survive the transformation after eating up more than one monster cells. Bakuzan, who is disappointed at Suiryu’s attempt to escape a battle, gets enraged and pummels him to ground until he is left unconscious, most likely dead. Gouketsu then tells Bakuzan to stop his rampage and asks him to go with him to the Monster Association.

Bakuzan is infuriated that Gouketsu is telling him what to do and tries to provoke latter with random attacks. However, his attacks were no match to Gouketsu, who stood idly and even retaliated with just one hand. Despite the obvious difference in their power levels as monsters, Gouketsu has acknowledged Bakuzan to be of the same disaster level as him, a dragon level.

Monster Association Makes A Grand Entrance

In “One Punch Man” Chapter 114, Gouketsu tries to convince Bakuzan to stop his rampage and he only succeeded when he finally showed Bakuzan his true strength. Gouketsu revealed that both of them may be strong with the monster mutation but there are monsters way stronger than them. He also revealed that Monster King Orochi, the head of the Monster Association, is the strongest and no one on earth can beat him.

“One Punch Man” Chapter 114 goes on to reveal that aside from Gouketsu, another strong monster leader named Nyan had infiltrated a prison and have already recruited dozens of inmates that have succumbed to the monster cells. It explains that Gouketsu’s appearance and the simultaneous rampage of monsters in the city is one way to introduce themselves, that as monsters, they can also be united to go against heroes. The Monster Association is composed of mysterious beings, led by powerful monsters, and their objectives are still unknown.

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