'Lucifer' Season 2 Episode 14: New Photo Teaser Confirms Lucifer Morningstar Got Married

Lucifer Morningstar is set to reappear in front of the people he left behind, but he is not alone as a mysterious girl is keeping him company. Countless theories surfaced about the new woman in Lucifer's life with most fans rooting for Candy as his wife. Indeed, the new teaser photos of "Lucifer" season 2, episode 14 support such theory with a new ring accessorizing Morningstar's finger.

The return of Lucifer Morningstar will be an interesting one. The synopsis of the episode already revealed that the devil is to head back home but Lucifer will exact his revenge against those who betrayed him including his mother, Charlotte. The trailer of the episode also revealed that Lucifer will come face to face with his father, God Johnson. The worst he has to deal with though is the anger of Chloe who wakes up from near death with Lucifer, not on his side.

The overview of "Lucifer: Candy Morningstar" episode has however revealed that the devil discovers the truth about Chloe. It might already be too late though as Chloe felt abandoned by her lover and the promo teasers show how unhappy she is to learn why Lucifer left her. Also, a stripper hops into the life of Lucifer and from the promo photos, it seems that Candy will become the devil's wife.

A spoiler surfaced previously claiming that a broken-hearted Lucifer joy rides to Las Vegas where he picks up a stripper that he ends up marrying. On his way back to Los Angeles, he will have to bring his alleged wife with him and Chloe, who wishes to be happy with Lucifer's return, will more likely end up hating him even more.

The new promo photos though show Lucifer and Chloe somehow cozying up again towards the end of the episode as they work on a new case. Lucifer will find himself in trouble but Chloe will serve as his savior.

Fans have only over a week to wait before they finally see Lucifer Morningstar again. "Lucifer" season 2, episode 14 titled "Candy Morningstar" will be aired on May 1 on Fox.

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