No Man's Sky Players Still Divided When It Comes To Purchasing DLC

It is no secret, and almost everyone knows, what happened to No Man's Sky following its launch last year. Although it greatly affected developers at Hello Games, it still did not stop them from supporting the game. This is clearly evident by the updates they've released. Moving away from that, players have been thinking about purchasing the game's very own DLC -- if it's still worth it given the stuff that had happened.

In a Reddit post from "Hidden-_-Hand," the player asked the community of No Man's Sky if they intend to buy a DLC. He also asked if how many updates are needed before they will feel comfortable with purchasing a content. For himself alone, he has no problems doing as long as it's priced at $19.99. This figure should be enough to get a hefty story content for the game.

As expected, the responses from the No Man's Sky players aren't piled on a particular side. Others say that they will only do if the game finally looks what it was back at E3. Some, on the other hand, offer a straight "yes" answer (with a number of explanations, of course). This only shows that not all players are on the same boat. Perhaps, in a much better explanation, they don't share the same view towards purchasing a DLC.

One of the main reasons players find it hard to buy a No Man's Sky content is the value it offers. Probably, they have learned their lesson. That they paid a whopping $60 for a Triple A game that does not give back the money's worth. This, in particular, is one of thing things Hello Games has to consider.

Still, there's hope for No Man's Sky, as what most of the players will say. As a matter of fact, there are rumors about a story content coming to game really soon. Whether or not this is true, the studio really has a lot of things to do in order to win the fans' trust back. Well, only time can tell.

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