Is A Story Content Coming To No Man's Sky?

When No Man's Sky was still in development, most expecting players were on a different kind of hype. It made the game already a popular title, although it's yet to be released that time. However, almost everyone knows what happened after the launch. Fast forward to today though, a story content is believed to be on its way. Although Hello Games has tried to keep things under wraps, the leaks still surfaced -- suggesting something exciting to look forward to.

It is worth noting that there were tons of features and whatnots the studio promised before releasing No Man's Sky. Apparently, these were the main reason players got so excited to the point of making the game the most talked about last year. Unfortunately, these features along with an interesting story content were all missing in action. Yes, they never arrived.

Kudos to Hello Games still, as it has been trying to cope with all the controversies circling No Man's Sky. The studio has been good in releasing updates and even contents, trying to bring the game back to how it was advertised. Now, as reported by Geek Reply, the game acquired a "special report" as well as news clippings, all of which can be found on Imgur.

The aforementioned basically mentions the existence of a war between the Galactic Empire of Hova and the Bezz-Harr Concern. It is said that the new faction attacked a Hovan starship, which is just patrolling the BHC Outpost (located in the Zoliforwe Region). This event is deemed as the "Bezz-Harr Incident. Obviously, these bring more compelling stories to the game than anything else.

The only catch here, however, is the certainty of this story coming to No Man's Sky. This could really be an interesting addition. Just imagine the exciting near war in which players could be involved; or perhaps, the studio could introduce some sort of campaign missions. The newspaper entries can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, ThumbSticks reports about the captivating talk Sean Murray gave during the presentation of No Man's Sky at GDC (Game Development Conference). He mentioned about how small Hello Games was and that despite it, they were able to develop the procedurally-generated universe of the game. He also talked about his love towards game engines, mathematics, and all things gaming.

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