Dota 2: Former Wings Gaming Roster To Disband After Kiev Major

Last week, the Dota 2 community was flabbergasted following the announcement of the departure of the entire Wings Gaming roster from the said organization. According to the rumors, there's a growing feud within the organization and one of the primary causes is the unsteady salary distribution. Today, the ex-Wings Gaming (now Team Random) has finally shed light to these allegations and ultimately delivered the dreaded news to all of its fans.

Dota 2 : Why Wings Gaming Departed

In a weibo post, Team Random has confirmed all the rumors surrounding the feud within the Wings Gaming organization - stating that after the team successfully conquered TI6, their owner had been quite amiss and has not been as "open" as he used to - normally, he visits the team and communicates regularly. Months went by and the team has had underwhelming performances, one of which is the recently concluded StarLadder i-League StarSeries.

Now, on March 15, the team did not receive their regular salary (they usually get paid during the eighth of the month) which further polarized them from their management. Added to the fact that there is a growing rift between the relationship of the owner and its players, the entire roster then decided that it's about time that they depart from the organization. Ultimately, the team has to compete for the Kiev Major and thus, they formed under a temporary banner of Team Random. However, according to the report, it is likely to disband after the major tournament.

Dota 2 : Team Random Will Likely Disband

In a translated version of the post, the team revealed that the Kiev Major will be the first and last tournament for the roster and thus, Team Random will likely disband thereafter. As for the reason of the decision, the team did not disclose any further details. However, fans can still expect more from the players, as they will still pursue their career - but it's more likely on separate ways.

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