Dota 2: OG Realizes Mistake At DAC; Now Preparing To Dominate Kiev Major

In the recent interview by Redbull, three-time Major winners, OG has shared their insights regarding the last tournament where many deemed as a "shocking defeat." The crowd-favorite entered the main event in a dominant fashion, placing first and accumulating 13 points from their seed. This puts them in a highly advantageous spot - where they needed to only beat two teams before going to the grand finals.

However, it appears that the tide has turned following their 0-3 loss against team iG, whom they initially trampled over before moving into the finals of the prestigious event. And so, many are wondering, "what really happened?" Today, team OG finally clarifies everything on camera.

Dota 2: OG Recalls DAC Tournament

In Redbull's recent interview, the team sat together with their coach, Seb '7ckngmad' Debs and shared their recollection regarding the surprising conclusion of DAC 2017. One of the matters that were discussed was how IG overpowered OG, flawlessly, in the grand finals. As stated by Tal "Fly" Aizik, one of the factors that contributed to the conclusion of the event is the upper bracket semi-finals match between the two - pointing out that it helped IG figure out their team's strengths and weaknesses.

"I think the main issue was that we played iG in the winner's bracket finals and we won. But I think they learned more that way and during the grand finals, they were able to use that information because they lost and kinda comeback a lot stronger than we did. And so I think that definitely helped them," said Aizik.

The team also discussed how the meta in DAC went by, stating that the most-picked heroes weren't that "imbalanced" except for the Monkey King; which according to 7ckngmad, "made a lot harder than it should be." However, the team predicted that the meta wouldn't diverse that much coming to the Kiev Major, considering the limited amount of time that each team can prepare.

OG Going To The Kiev Major

Team OG stressed out that the entirety of its members are fully aware of the mistakes that were made during the Chinese tournament and that, they'll be much more prepared for the Kiev Major. The interview concluded that while the meta wouldn't drastically deviate, the drafting would ultimately change depending on whose teams are dominating during the group stages. The team also hinted that they may be formulating an 'intricate strategy' for the Kiev Major.

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