Netflix's '13 Reasons Why' Slammed By Experts For Glorifying Suicide; A Darker Season 2 Theory Revealed

Netflix has produced another series that captured the interest of many t.v. show lovers through "13 Reasons Why." The dark plot of the show has however sparked controversies among psychology and mental health experts. The issues brought about by professionals though seem invalid to the show's followers as a second season has not yet been announced but theories are already out on how the installment should go down.

The first season of "13 Reasons Why" which just recently wrapped up undeniably gained overwhelming popularity on social media. Memes and posts are everywhere in the social media sites which prove the hype that it created among viewers, most especially the teens. Amid its popularity though, experts did not fail to share their opinion on the possible influence of "13 Reasons Why" to teenage fans.

It is quite known that the generation of teens today have become both aggressive and impulsive. Countless teens are reported dying from suicide attempts every now and then. With Netflix releasing a show like "13 Reasons Why" a lot of young viewers expressed how they can relate to the characters' predicaments but a lot of experts are not happy about it.

Psychologists and mental health doctors recently expressed their fear that Netflix is glorifying suicide among teens through the "13 Reasons Why" series. There are some fans though who were quick to defend the show's deeper context and the artistic way that the Network has presented real-life problems of today's teens that the adults should be putting attention to.

The cruel depiction of Hannah's suicide was greatly criticized as it might inspire young minds to copy the scene. For those who are not yet fully matured to watch the suicide, experts say that they might get the idea of having their problems solved by death rather than consulting their guardians for answers. The show creator though of "13 Reasons Why" said that the gruesome suicide was intentional to implant on teenage minds that there is nothing worthwhile in killing one's self.

A theory of a much requested "13 Reasons Why" season 2 has come out in the right timing, as the prediction will reportedly allow the directors to show how suicide is not a solution to problems. A fan came up with a thought that the second installment of the hit series would revolve around a school shooting plot which is also a social issue happening in real life.

The finale of the Netflix drama showed Tyler in possession of guns and ammunition. Some even theorized that he was responsible for the death of Alex. If "13 Reasons Why" is to be renewed, it is said that it will start with the bullied photographer initiating a school shooting scene where he will recount the harms done to him by his schoolmates.

While the theory seems darker than the first season of "13 Reasons Why" it is said that it can redeem the show from its critics by putting a solution to Hannah's decision and by opening the minds of viewers to the harms of bullying and the cruel truth behind school shootings.

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