Animal Crossing Speedrunner Sets This Impressive Record After 'Beating' The Game

Despite Animal Crossing's awfully lax nature, it is possible to quickly "finish" the game. One speedrunner decided to clear the title and actually managed to do it in a little less than a day.

Nintendo's social simulation game is one of those titles that can take players over 100 hours to complete. The main goal, after all, is to simply relax and take all the time they need instead of trying to rush and cram various objectives like in other fast-paced games. However, one fan was able to get a 100 percent completion rate after playing the game for a full day.

Just like in other games, Animal Crossing requires fans to collect all the different items and fully upgrade things like the house and general to earn that completion rating. The game boasts over an assortment of things ranging from fish, fossils, gyroids and bugs as well as imposing major fees when it comes to expanding the house. In spite of this, Twitch streamer and speedrunner Coldeggman managed to do all of this in only 22 hours and 49 minutes, as per Polygon.

It is worth noting that he speedran the Gamecube version that let players input certain passwords, which gave them some extra items and cash. This is the main method he used which helped him complete most of the game's paraphernalia. That aside, Kotaku shares that the game's world is actually round which makes it look like a giant roll of toilet paper.

The first speedrunner who attempted to complete Animal Crossing finished with a 70-hour mark. Since then, many players have been trying the challenge with the time being cut short by around 10 hours after each successful attempt. Those who want to try their own personal challenge can pick up the most recent installment on the 3DS.

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