What To Expect In Destiny 2? Details Here

The much-awaited sequel, Destiny 2 is now officially a go, although Bungie is quiet about the features of the game. Nevertheless, players like to think that the developer is teasing the fans with a possibility of introducing new sub-classes and a ship.

New Ship To Be Part Of Destiny 2?

When Bungie revealed that Destiny 2 will be released soon, players are waiting for the details of the sequel. However, one Reddit user revealed that a new ship might be part of the sequel. His basis is the beta access of the game.

The images suggested there would be different sets of ships in Destiny 2. One image shows that there is a cockpit, another one has a Phateon class ship while the last ship is a Phateon V1 Jumpship. Of course, the original ships are still part of the sequel.

As of today, Bungie has not yet released official details of the sequel. Therefore, there is a chance that what they have seen in the pictures might be true.

Are There New Classes And Sub-Classes In Destiny 2?

Players like to believe that some of their beloved classes will be part of Destiny 2. They are convinced that Hunter, Warlock and Titan classes shown in the latest trailer will be available in the sequel, as per PSU.

In addition, players are hoping Bungie will introduce new sub-classes in Destiny 2. They think that the discovery of new abilities unknown to the Guardians revealed in the trailer is the reason why the sub-classes might grow in the sequel.

Of course, Bungie has neither denied nor confirmed if the rumors are true. The developer is still far from its target release date of Sept. 8, which is why some details have not been shared with the fans yet. All they have to do is to wait for the upcoming announcements about the content of Destiny 2.

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