‘One Piece' Chapter 864 Spoilers: Big Mom Enraged After Wedding Is Ruined; Plans New Assassination Plot Against Jinbe Or Brook?

The latest "One Piece" Chapter 864 spoilers for next week reveal that Big Mom will be more serious in undertaking her fight against her enemies. She was enraged when the wedding of her daughter Lady Pudding to Sanji of the Vinsmoke clan was ruined by the shenanigans of her enemies. Leaks of the upcoming episode indicate that she will be targeting Brook or Jinbe.

Big Mom Will Get Angry At Brook

Big Mom's anger exploded when the conspirators wrecked the wedding cake as well as the ceremony and destroyed Mother Caramel's portrait which she holds dearly. There are spoilers of "One Piece" Chapter 864 suggesting that it is Brook who will use a hammer to shatter the portrait into little pieces. Apparently, Big Mom will learn of this and will get angry at Brook.

She Will Learn Of Jinbe's True Colors

Meanwhile, Jinbe will make it clear in "One Piece" Chapter 864 where his true loyalty resides. That means the loyalty he is showing for Big Mom is actually a fraud. It seems that Big Mom will also learn about the true colors of Jinbe. As a consequence, some spoilers of the upcoming episode are suggesting that Jinbe and Brook will be in the crosshairs of the Yonkou.

Big Mom's Kill List Will Expand

In addition, some "One Piece" Chapter 864 spoilers reveal that Luffy will be captured by Big Mom. The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates will now be at the mercy of the Yonkou. Together with the discoveries of the mischiefs done by Brook and the disloyalty of Jinbe, the Yonkou will really lose her control and blow up.

There are speculations that the lives of Jinbe, Brook and possibly Luffy will be in great danger. Some spoilers of "One Piece" Chapter 864 reveal that Big Mom will hatch a plan to assassinate either Brook, Jinbe or maybe even Luffy. Followers of the manga will recall that she already planned to kill the whole Vinsmoke clan. Now, her kill list seems to have expanded even more.

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