Ark: Survival Evolved v506 Arrives, Details Here

Updates are among the things Ark: Survival Evolved players love about the game, and there's no doubt about it. This is simply because these updates bring a lot of interesting stuff, most of which are new structures and features, among others. Now, Studio Wildcard is doing it again -- the update v506 is officially out.

According to GameSinners, Ark: Survival Evolved is getting a massive update on its console version (both on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). This is basically the v506 update, which brings new structures and mechanics to the game. It is worth noting that the studio has first announced its upcoming arrival earlier this month of April.

Apparently though, the video game company is still fixing a couple of hiccups prior to launching the Ark: Survival Evolved v506 update fully. This is due to the fact that a certification process from both Microsoft and Sony is currently being made. However, as soon as this is done, which is expected today, the said update will automatically invade the game's console version.

There's every reason for Ark: Survival Evolved players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to be excited about the aforementioned update. Why exactly? Well, that's because it's bringing a very interesting content. A feature, in particular, is coming and is believed to be a massive one. This refers to the brand new underwater bases being a new element to the game. With airlocks and moonpools existing, a complete subterranean fortress experience is made.

Express, on the other hand, notes that the certification process for this update might take a little while. Regardless of how long it will require, Ark: Survival Evolved will simply have to sit it out. Nonetheless, Studio Wildcard promised that as soon as the aforesaid process is completed, it will release the update right then and there. The video game company also wants to clarify that, contrary to popular belief; it also did the same thing in the PC platform, that prior to the update being released, a certification process was also made.

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