'Winds Of Winter' Being Penned By Another Author In George R.R. Martin's Behalf? Another Greenseer Appears In The Novel

There is no telling yet when the "Winds of Winter" will really land on the shelves but recent talks have it that it might already come out this year. George R.R. Martin has allegedly been putting the book at the back of his priorities yet he made a promise again to finish the book before he starts with another project. With Martin always saying he is busy at the moment to sit down on the novel, rumors started to swirl again that a second author is helping him wrap up "Winds of Winter."

Fans of the "Song of Ice and Fire" fantasy novels have been waiting for six years now to get a hand of George R.R. Martin's sixth book of the series. The famed author has already promised before that he will release the fantasy novel before the "Game of Thrones" season 6 airs on t.v. but the HBO show is all ready to debut its seventh installment yet the book has not yet come out. With the "Winds of Winter" now long overdue, rumors have it that Martin is receiving an extra hand from another popular novelist, Neil Gaiman.

The "American Gods" author has been spotted several times in Sta. Fe, New Mexico, which is George R.R. Matin's hometown. His stay in the place has raised many speculations about his itinerary with some people believing that he is collaborating with Martin for "Winds of Winter." Neil Gaiman has, however, slammed the rumor earlier this year and with his creation being adapted by Starz, the talks might just be unfounded theories.

George R.R. Martin has updated his fans recently that he is still penning the rest of the book. He also admitted that he might again fail the fans with the promise he made to release it sometime in June. Fans had high hopes on reading "Winds of Winter" before "Game of Thrones" season 7 comes out in July, but with the missing pages, it might come towards the end of the year.

Meanwhile, fans are predicting the content of "Winds of Winter" while waiting for its publication. An enthusiast has recently pointed out on clues of another Greenseer appearing in the story. Fans were confident that the Three-eyed Crow was the last Greenseer. Apparently, clues scattered hint on another magical creature, this time merged with a weir wood tree.

The last Greenseer talked about in the novel appeared in "A Storm of Swords" during an encounter with Bran. A theory though notes on the weir wood tree looking like a face of a man who aged with time and the drop of water from the tree that can be compared to a real tear. Very little is known about the Greenseer and the Children of the Forest, but with the "Winds of Winter" coming out soon, fans hope to fully understand the role of the magical people in building The Wall, their history as well as how the people of Westeros can defeat their enemies.

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