‘One Punch Man’ Chapter 113-114 Spoilers: Is Suiryu Defeated? Bakuzan Turns Into A Hybrid Monster? The Birth Of The Monster Association?

By Joseph St. James. , Apr 26, 2017 04:50 AM EDT

Recent "One Punch Man" Chapter 113 and 114 spoilers reveal that a new arc will be introduced. This will be the Monster Association Arc. It appears that the fight between Gouketsu and Suiryu will continue. With the introduction of this new arc, it seems the upcoming chapters will feature the birth of the Monster Association.

Bakuzan Transformed Into A Hybrid Monster

In the previous chapter, both Gouketsu and Suiryu thought that Bakuzan died after consuming some amount of monster cells. But they were wrong. Bakuzan only passed out. When he revived, he mutated into a monster. Meanwhile, some spoilers of "One Punch Man" Chapter 113 indicate that Suiryu appears to be down and defeated, to the disappointment of his fans.

Bakuzan Will Defeat Suiryu

In "One Punch Man" Chapter 113, Bakuzan will also be disappointed with Suiryu for trying to escape the fight. He will strike Suiryu who will fell unconscious. But Gouketsu will stop him and will suggest that the two of them go to the Monster Association. Bakuzan does not like to be ordered and will proceed to attack Gouketsu. However, Gouketsu just easily counters Bakuzan's blows by using only one of his hands. That means he is really a more powerful monster than Bakuzan.

Gouketsu Treats Bakuzan Lightly

In some "One Punch Man" Chapter 114 spoilers, Gouketsu will try to convince Bakuzan to stop attacking him. However, it appears that it will only serve to incite Bakuzan to show his real strength. Will Bakuzan be able to get stronger to the point that Gouketsu will treat him seriously?

A New Character Will Be Introduced

There are also some spoilers of "One Punch Man" Chapter 114 suggesting that a new character will be introduced. This is Nyan, another strong monster, and a leader as well. It seems that Nyan has already recruited many inmates who have also swallowed monster cells like Bakuzan. By eating monster cells, these inmates will also become hybrid monsters.

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