Should Reusable Grappling Hooks Be Allowed In Ark: Survival Evolved?

Almost all players will agree that Ark: Survival Evolved has one of the most interesting communities of recent memory. Various exciting stuff are being shared, with some ideas on all the possible things that Studio Wildcard could introduce. Among these are the Grappling Hooks being reusable, if, and only if, the video game company does it.

In a Reddit post from user donmuerte, he discussed about the idea of Grappling Hooks being a reusable item in Ark: Survival Evolved. He pointed out that this item, in one way or another, does not have the durability it needs to not break easily. He added that perhaps, if this is the case, the studio will allow players to use these hooks multiple times.

The aforementioned Ark: Survival Evolved player also pondered on the idea of Grappling Hooks having a very slow process in losing durability when used. Apparently though, reusable hooks are a thing but only in mods. Although it is a sight to see in the official game, he nonetheless pointed out the likeliness of it becoming overpowered. However, of course, this is where Studio Wildcard will enter. The developers can always find a way balance things out.

Some players on the Reddit post suggest that the video game company might also consider lowering the grappling hook's cost in Ark: Survival Evolved. That way, players will be able to acquire these items. After all, these prove to be a very useful tool when getting around caves. Almost all players thought at first that the grappling hooks were useable.

In related Ark: Survival Evolved news, GameSinners reports that the highly anticipated console update v506 has finally been released. Players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will now experience a new set of mechanics along with added structures. Among the biggest addition via this update are the underwater bases. The latter offers moonpools and air-locks, allowing players to move in and out without flooding their respective bases. This, in particular, will give them the best subterranean fortress experience.

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