NBA 2K17 Guide To Acquiring Free Card Pack, In-Game Currency

There are many things to do in NBA 2K17 that most players have no idea about. Well, that's probably due to reasons like not having a quick guide to follow. Contrary to popular belief, there is actually a way for players to acquire both in-game currency and card pack for free. How exactly does one do it? Well, here's how.

As reported earlier, all NBA 2K17 players who are Amazon Prime members will be given in-game currency (called VC) worth of $20 along with a MyTeam card pack. Take note, all of these can be acquired for free. This promo of sort is also applicable to players who even just signed up for the free 30-day trial of Amazon's aforesaid program.

It is worth noting that Amazon owns one of the largest video game streaming site called Twitch. Whenever players connect their Prime accounts to their Twitch accounts, they are entitled to a great number of benefits. These include the likes of monthly bonus in-game loots, free channel subscription and, more importantly, ad-free viewing experience.

In NBA 2K17, $20 is worth 75,000 VC. The MyTeam pack card, on the other hand, can be used in the game's card-collecting mode. It already contains a guaranteed card of either the Sapphire or the Moments. The aforesaid cards are deemed rare and valuable compared to any other cards in the game.

First off, NBA 2K17 players need to have an Amazon Prime membership account. This could either be the free 30-day trial or the $99-per-year subscription. After which, they will have to link their Prime account with their Twitch account here. While on the latter, go to the left side of the panel to locate the code under the "Free with Prime" area.

Once acquired, simply enter the code (remember the dashes) through the Options/Features section in the game, particularly the Locker Codes. Automatically, the VC will be applied to the account with the Card Pack being ready for use. To know more about the Amazon Prime Membership program, go here.

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