Super Mario Happy Meal Toys Now Available In The US

Even if Nintendo is busy with making things better for Switch and Mario Kart 8, the Japanese company managed to bring the Happy Meal toys of Super Mario in the U.S. In addition, McDonald's will be giving exciting prizes for its raffle.

Good news for fans of the world's most famous plumber -- Mario. Nintendo is teaming up again with McDonald's in the U.S. to release another set of toys involving the plumber's gang, according to BGR. There will be a total of eight toys to collect.

Players and even children can collect Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Red-Koopa Shell, Bowser, Yoshi, Invincible Mario and 1-Up Mushroom. The coolest toy in the pack might be the Invincible Mario since it lights up, although the other seven toys have their own abilities also.

However, in Europe, Invincible Mario and 1-Up Mushroom were not part of the collection. Instead, Super Mario fans obtained a Piranha Plant and a Question Box with an Invincibility Star, as per Siliconera. Players and fans of the plumber have only until May 22 to collect them all.

Other than that, McDonald's is giving away a total of 100 Nintendo Switch. The interested people can join the sweepstakes by buying a meal in the fast food chain. The prize will include the console and their own copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition.

The raffle will end on the same day the Happy Meal toys will be available at any stores of the fast food chain. McDonald's and Nintendo's collaboration will surely bring happiness to players who want to get their own Nintendo Switch.

Hopefully, before all Super Mario toys run out, players in the U.S. can get their own set, as the toys can be considered a collectible. Who knows? It might be worth a considerable amount of money 20 or 30 years from now, although that's far reaching. In that case, the Nintendo Switch raffle should be good enough reason to dine.

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