OnePlus 5 vs Galaxy S8: Flagship Camera Roundup

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the current reigning flagship smartphone in the market. Released only a week ago, it is already a record-breaking success. But here comes OnePlus 5, a budget smartphone hailing from China. Its launch date has not even been named yet, but it is already one of the most anticipated mobile devices of the year. And of the foremost reason for that is its camera.

But can the Oppo subsidiary's shooter stand against the South Korean's lenses? Let's find out.

 OnePlus 5 Rumored Camera Specifications

There is one thing this device is rumored to have that will make it the envy of Galaxy S8: dual rear cameras. A lot of people expected Samsung's latest flagship to come out with this feature. But it only disappointed when it came out with cameras so similar to last year's doomed S7.

This report supposedly comes from sources who have glimpsed or have even possibly worked on OnePlus 5, Toms Guide writes. No further details are known as to the particulars, but the dual rear cameras are enough to propagate excitement among camera lovers.

With these outstanding shooters on the rear, OnePlus 5 could take photos the way iPhone 7 Plus cameras do. The latter allows people to shoot zoomed in subjects without quality degradation. However, beyond 2x optical zoom, it just crops a photo in real time rather than zooming in further. Furthermore, one of the cameras has a portrait mode that adds bokeh effects to the photos.

Galaxy S8 Camera Specifications

Instead of upgrading their camera hardware, Samsung chose to outfit the Galaxy S8 with cameras like its predecessor. The rear camera has 12-megapixels and does not have dual lenses, making it go against the current camera trend.

Nevertheless, despite the lack of dual lenses, Galaxy S8's camera still impresses. Its performance has been hailed especially under low light shooting conditions. The photos it churns out also come out crisp and sharp and rich with colors.

Furthermore, the camera shutter speed is excellent, according to KSL. It does not exhibit any lag that could potentially ruin it. On top of that, it has a selective focus that allows users to emphasize a particular subject without blurring the background.

Who's The Winner?

If OnePlus 5 does launch with dual rear cameras, then it could potentially hurt Galaxy S8 in this regard. Armed with that feature, even without a front camera, it can turn heads. And if it turns out superb photos, then Samsung will have a staunch rival in this arena.

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