AMD vs Intel: Which Processor Is More Efficient?

Both AMD and Intel are in the process of releasing their latest production of CPUs this year. AMD seems to have a stormer on its hands in the construction of the Ryzen model. Meanwhile, Intel is working on its seventh generation Core processor. With each being great from their own perspective, it is hard to find out which is more efficient. Here is a few rundown on the two leading chipsets.

AMD vs Intel: Which Should You Buy?

If someone is planning to build a desktop PC or buy a laptop, the choice between AMD and Intel as its processor is the real deal. Choosing which between the two processors will be as complicated as ever. In this case, performance is not the only factor, but the price and availability as well.

If budget is the main consideration, AMD has a strong control over the lower price-points. Even so, it doesn’t mean that buyers will be excluded from high-end computing performance. However, according to Seeking Alpha, Ryzen processor is not that great on single-processing applications as of today but will provide more security in the future.

Intel's Kaby Lake range covers everything, including desktop PC, laptops, tablets, 2-in-1 phablets, as well as servers. Intel previously had an incredibly strong standing with its laptop Centrino platform, while AMD’s Turion as a contender was a distant second. However, buyers need to spend more on an Intel processor today with similar capabilities to Ryzen processor.

AMD vs Intel: Which Is More Efficient?

Everyone has the choice to buy an AMD, Intel or both. As tested by TechRadar, AMD scored 3,589 in the particular core benchmark while 19,054 in the multi-core tests. With this results, Intel blasts ahead of AMD because a higher score implies that the CPU is more proficient at completing a series of tasks.

The brand new Ryzen processors of AMD put up a tough challenge to Core i7 CPUs, which are Intel’s flagship. Nevertheless, until the time when AMD can prove it's worth with the outburst of a new chipset, socket, and motherboard, Intel will remain dominant. Intel processors are very efficient and still the best choice even considering the cost.


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