Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero DLC Plays Differently From The Main Game

The Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero DLC may have been delayed but there have been some tidbits of information revealing a bit about the side story. In line with this, fans should expect a different type of playstyle from the latest installment.

Resident Evil 7 Side Story Delayed

Capcom recently announced the upcoming free story DLC that would feature Chris Redfield on a separate journey from the main game. This side story would play out a bit differently from the other previous DLC and should have been released this spring 2017. Unfortunately, The Escapist shares that the content is getting delayed due to quality concerns.

Capcom thanked the fans on its official website and explained that it would like to further polish the DLC before delivering it to the players. Capcom also stated that the content it is creating should match the quality of that from the main game. With this in mind, the developer needs more time so it can "achieve that goal."

Not A Hero DLC Details

In spite of the delay, WWG shares that a Japanese magazine Famitsu shared more details on Chris' upcoming mission. The protagonist will chase someone into the Baker clan's compound and will supposedly bridge the latest installment to the Resident Evil universe. Furthermore, there will be some confrontations between new and old characters hinting that another person from the franchise might make a surprise appearance.

Gameplay, on the other hand, will also be quite different as Chris is well equipped as compared to Ethan. He will have his own HUD, which shows information like ammo and status effects. The protagonist will also have the Albert. W. Model 01 handgun, which made an appearance in the main game. Judging by all of this, it seems like the DLC might opt for a more action-oriented experience rather than the slow and creeping horror.

Fans will just have to wait for further news regarding the Not A Hero DLC as Capcom has yet to share an official release date as of now. Resident Evil 7 is now available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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