Josh Duggar Will Reveal All The Women He Slept With – Under Oath? Frequented Adultery Website?

It seems the Duggar family is again at the center of controversy as Josh Duggar, the eldest son, is reportedly being forced to reveal all the women that he had slept with. All members of the family, as well as the public, will soon know things about Josh that he had kept from them. Apparently, he has also been frequenting an adultery website.

A Lawsuit Could Force Josh Duggar

For a Christian family who has been championing morality, fidelity, and truthfulness, this situation the Duggar family finds itself in is somewhat like an oxymoron. Reports say that a lawsuit was brought by a certain Matthew McCarthy that will force Josh Duggar to reveal the identities of the women that he had slept with.

He Used Another Man's Photo To Date Other Women

Apparently, Josh Duggar used McCarthy's photo in his dating profiles. The eldest son of the Duggars reportedly uses OKCupid, a general dating site, for soliciting the women that he dated. McCarthy stated that his association with Duggar has damaged his reputation both personally and professionally. There were also reports indicating that he had been frequenting Ashley Madison, an adultery website

He Was Previously Involved In A Big Sex Scandal

Josh Duggar has been involved in a huge sex scandal before. In 2015, it was reported that he molested four of his sisters as well as a babysitter. His parents, Jim and Michelle Duggar, defended their son at that time saying that he was just curious about girls. It seems his curiosity has now been directed to adult women. Apparently, it could affect his marriage if the report is true that he has been frequenting an adultery website.

Is He Still Under Therapy?

Currently, Josh Duggar has a family with four kids. His wife, Anna, is pregnant with their fifth child but is also dealing with some other issues. Additional reports say that Josh is still undergoing counseling. Members of his family say it is religious counseling. It is not certain if that includes sexual counseling.

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