Google Pixel's Camera Low-light Shots Looks Stunning; See Images Here

Google Pixel already have the crown for being one of the many smartphones nowadays that has great cameras. And now, even in low-light photography, the mobile device still takes stunning photos. This can be proven with great photos that Florian Kainz, a software engineer on the Daydream team, accepted to took.

According to BGR, Kainz was just challenged by his co-workers from Google’s Gcam team after taking a nighttime picture with a DSLR camera and sharing it with them. He accepted that challenge and came up with stunning shots that seem to indicate smartphones, especially Google Pixel, have hidden camera abilities that can take low light pictures as good as DSLR does.

Kainz explained in a blog post about his work and he also mentioned that the entire process requires some serious work. Right from the start, Kainz needs to develop an Android app in order to be able to adjust manually various settings on the Google Pixel. These camera settings include the exposure time, ISO, as well as the focus distance.

He then placed the smartphones on a tripod to avoid camera shake that will make the photos blurry. After Kainz had taken the images, he used Adobe Photoshop on a computer to process them. The end outcomes are remarkably stunning and seem to mean that future smartphone makers might offer similar nighttime features for its photography performance.

Google’s very own smartphone, Pixel, and Pixel XL, already boast formidable camera outcomes. Kainz low-light shots have next to no noise, incredible night sky tone, clear and a very sharp star point, as well as foreground details. Here is the full gallery from TechCrunch.

Now, the question hitting all the Google smartphones fans is, "Can the upcoming Google Pixel 2 do stunning images like this, too?" As for the report, Google is preparing to unveil three various Pixel 2 smartphones. The codenames of these Pixel 2 devices are Muskie, Walleye, and Taimen.


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