'One Piece' Manga On A Break; Chapter 864 Arrives In May With The Big Mom Assassination Plot Backfiring On Luffy And Capone, Jinbei Dies?

Following the events that happened in the last story of "One Piece," followers of the Straw Hat Pirates might see Big Mom go berserk on chapter 864. Spoilers and theories from fans suggest that the Yanko will release an outrage that might destroy the plans of Luffy and Capone in assassinating Big Mom. The story behind the portrait of Mother Caramel is also expected to be discussed hence fans will soon discover how a portrait has become Big Mom's weakness.

The plan of the Straw Hat Pirates on invading the wedding of Sanji and Pudding was tackled in "One Piece" chapter 863. The crew successfully invaded the event and Jinbei and others are also on their way to Luffy. A lot of Luffy's were then summoned as the pirates asked Big Mom's daughter to turn several animals into versions of the captain. Luffy also ordered to the crew to have Brulee's mirror placed inside the wedding cake. Big Mom was then shocked at the scene of the wedding cake falling down.

The Yanko Big Mom then traveled down her memory lane where she mocked Luffy for telling her about his dream of becoming the Pirate King. A Luffy version then headed to Mother Caramel's portrait to have it destroyed but Dog Tooth kicks him out after he realizes what the pirate was trying to do. Jinbei arrives on time to rescue and distracts Big Mom. At the end of "One Piece" chapter 863, Brook successfully destroyed the portrait with a hammer as he also disguised as Luffy. Elsewhere in the chapter, Nami, Chopper, and Carrot made an attempt to rescue the Vinsmoke family.

In fan discussions, fans agreed on the direction of the arc, believing that Luffy and Capone's plan will be ruined. Big Mom is expected to reciprocate the attack and will take revenge for the destruction of her treasured portrait.

From another spoiler and prediction thread, fans are also expecting to see the Vinsmokes finally be freed from their tie with Big Mom and will take part in the battle that is about to go down. A sad prediction though claims that Jinbei might die in "One Piece" chapter 864. The rest of the plot is still hard for the followers to predict and might as well wait for the new chapter to be released.

"One Piece" chapter 864 will not come out on the Internet this coming week to give way to the Golden Week Holiday. The installment will then be published by Weekly Shonen Jump on May 8 in selected countries.

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