'One Piece' Episode 785 Spoilers: Reiju Saves Luffy From Death; Straw Hat Pirates Find New Ally

The next episode of One Piece will see Luffy suffering under a poison that is slowly devouring his body. One of Sanji's siblings though will try to rescue the crew's leader as seen in the next episode's preview. Theories also have it that the Vinsmoke lady might join their force as they travel to the Whole Cake Island.

The Straw Hat Pirates were already able to meet two of Sanji Vinsmoke's siblings in the last episode of One Piece. The Germa 66 that they met along their way carried the two notorious siblings of Sanji, Yonji and Reiju. With the big battle that the pirates are about to face, two sets of extra hands and their crew will be of great help. The question though is how will the Straw Hat Pirates win the favor of the Vinsmokes.

Yonji welcomed the crew with a rude encounter, but it was different with Reiju who is also known as a more peaceful person than Sanji. As the arc continues, theories point out that the Vinsmoke woman will help the pirates who are bound to face countless threats on their way to Big Mom's territory. Speculations also claim that Reiju will help the Straw Hat Pirates to finish off Big Mom who is obsessing on the family's kingdom because of the genetic technology available in their place that has given the Vinsmokes their abilities.

Reiju is then said to build a partnership with the pirates to help them on their quest. She will, however, be of biggest help to Luffy who is at the brink of death. Luffy consumed a skin from a poisonous fish last episode. Unfortunately, the creature remains unknown which is why its poison does not have any known antidote yet. Luffy is already in a critical condition and with death just around the corner, it is possible that he will die even before the crew reaches the Whole Cake Island.

The video promo for One Piece episode 785 though shows Reiju breathing out what it seems to be the poison that is killing Luffy. As mentioned, Reiju has abilities and enthusiasts predict that Sanji's sister will use her skills to help cure Luffy without risking her own life.

One Piece is heading towards the Whole Cake Island arc which is said to be the anime's last. The team will go on a quest to defeat Big Mom which they have already started as they voyage towards the Charlotte territory. One Piece episode 785 will air on Sunday, April 23.

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