David Hasselhoff's Weird Film Is Written By An AI

Nowadays, robots are taking more and more space in the cyber world. And now, a new sci-fi tale was written entirely by an artificial intelligence that eventually named itself as Benjamin. Director Oscar Sharp and AI researcher Ross Goodwin create a follow-up movie of last year's Sunspring, which starred David Hasselhoff as the lead actor.

It's No Game, A Movie Written By An AI Benjamin

According to arsTechnica, director Sharp and AI researcher Goodwin released the stunningly weird short film Sunspring last year. Alongside with this release is the algorithm named as Benjamin. And now, the two great humans have teamed up again with AI Benjamin in order to produce a follow-up movie entitled It's No Game.

The production of the movie is mainly about what happens when an AI gets mixed up in an impending Hollywood writers' strike. It has the scenario like in Robocop, with about 20 hits of acid layered on top. Tim Guinee and Walking Dead's Thomas Payne, the two screenwriters of It's No Game, are meeting with the producer who said that it doesn't matter if they go on a big success because the real future is AI writing films for other AI.

Unlike the panicked screenwriters of the film "It's No Game," Sharp isn't worried about the famous AI Benjamin taking his job. He said that their team is being a bit satirical about the people who are afraid of what they are trying to do. However, as reported by CNET, Sharp wonders if AI might have a big contribution in writing screenplays in the future.

"Writing in multiple voices is challenging for any writer, and it just seemed so useful to be able to summon various voices on demand," Sharp said. Things go off the rails when the producer of the movie makes in "the Hoffbot," it is when David Hasselhoff is in its high pick on giving an impressive performance that is really surprising. Hasselhoff has been reprogrammed by self-propelled machines called nanobots to channel Benjamin.


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