Here's For Honor Season 2 In A Nutshell

For Honor players are in for an exciting ride, as Ubisoft just announced the arrival of the game's second season. Unlike the previous one, it's coming with lots of exciting stuff. That's right -- the studio is set to make things a little bit interesting for its fighting-themed title.

According to PC Gamer, the video game company just revealed the upcoming release of For Honor Season 2. It's officially called Shadow and Might and is expected to start kicking come May 16. Apparently, this forthcoming season will (finally) bring the talked about characters -- namely, the Centurion and the Ninja (also known as the Shinobi.)

Apart from the aforementioned, the For Honor Season 2 will bring a number of additional maps to the game. Ubisoft is also looking to introduce additional customization options for players to explore. Heck, even gameplay updates are to be expected, though their specifics remain a mystery. Above all of this, the second round of the titular Faction War will commence.

The introduction of the new For Honor season was made through a teaser. Unfortunately, nothing substantial can be ferreted out. Nonetheless, the video game company opted to release additional details about the new characters. The Shinobi, in particular, are deemed as "silent warriors" capable of movesets that are as gracious as dancers. However, make no mistake; they are trained to provide skills that make them a worthy killing machine.

The Centurion, on the other hand, views the battlefield as something that is similar to a "chessboard." It is equipped with all the reliable "standard issue gladius," and it has the capability of bypassing enemy defenses using its "strategic close-quarters combat." There's no doubt that its arrival will mean something huge for the game.

IGN notes that all Season Pass holders are automatically entitled to unlocking the aforesaid For Honor heroes come May 16. As for the non-season pass owners, they can do so as long as they use the in-game currency (Steel) starting May 23.

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