'Dance Moms' Season 7B Airs In May; Fans To Boycott Lifetime Series Without The Irreplaceables?

"Dance Moms" went through its most dramatic season yet as it lost its main host Abby Lee Miller last month. Now that the Lifetime series is moving forward to another installment, rumors are rife that the show will have a total cast reboot without its original dancers. With that said, fans are in an uproar, saying they will stop seeing the show without Miller and the Junior Elites.

Lifetime is about to air "Dance Moms" season 7B and as fans already know, it will see less of Abby Lee Miller who coached the ALDC dancers for almost six years. It will also feature the Junior Elites heading to another studio where they joined competitions with Chloe Lukasiak and the "Dancing with the Stars" pro dancer, Cheryl Burke, who mentored the girls after Miller quit the show.

The network has not yet announced the premiere schedule of "Dance Moms" season 7B, but it is believed to go down in May. The said installment has already wrapped up filming and photos of the Junior Elites and Chloe Lukasiak's collaborative group dubbed as The Irreplaceables showed how emotional they were on their last day together. These images started the rumor that the girls already served their time on "Dance Moms" and that it is time for them to say goodbye.

Kendall Vertes recently hinted on her flee from the show with her Instagram account full of her photos back in her hometown while the other girls are reportedly filming. Chloe Lukasiak, on the other hand, recently said that she feels that "Dance Moms" had been unhealthy for her. Hence, these two alums might not want to go back again if they are even given the chance to do another season on "Dance Moms."

However, Bryan Stinson confirmed the existence of "Dance Moms" season 8 which had all the fans wondering if the original Junior Elites will still do the show. Apparently, there were clues that came out about the new installment's cast, teasing The Irreplaceables being kicked out while Sophia Lucia returns to lead the new set of dancers. Cheryl Burke is also reportedly signed as a series regular, although Lifetime has not yet confirmed such talks.

With "Dance Moms" trying to start all over, fans who followed the show since day one are feeling upset, commenting on social media how they will boycott the show without the original dancers. Fan groups are full of requests to re-sign the Junior Elites or Abby Lee Miller. The Minis are nowhere to be read, but past news reports claim that they will be reappearing on a new TV show with Abby Lee Miller.

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