These Fan-Made For Honor Shield Emblems Will Make Your Day

Shield emblems in For Honor has become a thing since it was first introduced. Now, it continues to flourish, as more and more players are jumping on board. Well, this only goes to show that there's fun in designing. Meanwhile, Ubisoft has just announced the upcoming arrival of the game's second season.

According to PC Gamer, first emblem worth of a spotlight is from For Honor player and Reddit user JayySpicey. It perfectly displays the notion that simple, in one way or another, is always better. The shield emblem is that of a Quen sign utilized by Geralt in the titular franchise called The Witcher. In its most organic form, the sign basically gives the character protection from all sorts of harm.

Next on the list is from Vaccoom, whose For Honor shield emblem highlights a bonfire. For anyone who has been a fan of FromSoftware's Dark Souls series, this emblem is quite familiar. Moving forward is from Reddit user Incendio_Wolf who went for a different path. Why? That's because his shield emblem is that of the Green Ranger from the popular Might Morphin' Power Rangers show.

Last of the list is from user Sleepytummies, who created one of the most beautiful emblems in the game. Each of the emblems made represents each member of the highly talked about band called Gorillaz. Obviously, it is safe to say that this could simply be the best emblems out there -- one that is unexpected.

In related For Honor news, Eurogamer reports that the Season 2 of For Honor has just been announced. It is called Shadow and Might and is expected to commence come May 16. It will be made available first to Season Pass holders; whereas non-holders will get to acquire it on May 23 (though the use of in-game currency called Steel is necessary). It is expected to bring tons of interesting stuff, but the most interesting ones are the new heroes - namely, the Centurion and the Shinobi.

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