Factors That Can Make Or Break Sony's PlayStation 5

Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong accurately predicted the coming of the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro. He is predicting that Sony will release the PlayStation 5 in the second half of 2018. Not much information is known about Sony's plans for the new PlayStation 5, only the prediction that it will come earlier than expected which some might think is far too soon.

So far, the PlayStation 5 could be a wild card due to rumors that Sony could be going for a portable console similar to Nintendo Switch due to the latter's success but Sony has yet to confirm or deny these rumors. Whatever it plans to do with the new PlayStation 5 could define whether Sony will stay on top of the food chain or succumb to the powerhouse that is the Scorpio. There are a lot of factors that could make or break the PlayStation 5 and here are some of the most essential.

Backwards Compatibility

Casual gamers and Sony loyalists agree that this should be PlayStation 5's most important feature - a feature that the PS4 lacked due to the difference in architecture from the PS3. Sony brought old games to the PS4 by releasing them again as remastered versions and although these games are superior, people still feel like they are essentially paying for the same game twice. Having backward compatibility will ensure that the PlayStation 5 will appeal to the population of pragmatic consumers, which genuinely makes up most of it.

If Sony, however, failed in this aspect and decided to take the thoughtless path of releasing the PlayStation 5 without backward compatibility - attacking the market with their only line of offense (exclusives) - could have the potential to send the company behind Microsoft and Scorpio sales. The Scorpio has backward compatibility and it would be silly for Sony not to follow its footsteps. Consumers might be willing to drop $60 in a game easy but they would love to get their money's worth.

True 4K Gaming

The PlayStation 4 Pro has 4K capabilities but lacks the horsepower to run impressively detailed graphics in gaming. True 4K gaming in real-time is the dream for the PlayStation 5 - especially if Microsoft's Scorpio plans to deliver on its "true 4K gaming" and "dynamic resolution scaling" promise. By the time PlayStation 5 arrives, as predicted on 2018, 4K gaming and display would be mainstream so Sony should get with the times.

Steam Integration

This is part of every gamers' wish list for the PlayStation 5 - to finally unite console and PC gaming - a feat that Microsoft already put into motion with the Windows Store. Steam integration for the PlayStation 5 could be the cherry on top of all the factors that could potentially make Sony's rumored console a conclusive success. This would ultimately unite the market - which is a welcome call-to-arms against the behemoth that is the mobile gaming industry.

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