Here's What Makes Overwatch So Unique Compared To Others

There are plenty of reasons why players love Overwatch. From having an interesting character roster all the way to the intense gameplay it offers, Blizzard has indeed developed a great title. Apparently, there is an obvious factor why this game continues to flourish despite the rise of its competitors.

According to Polygon, Overwatch being a game of exhaustive lore is what makes it so special. When a match loads up, characters tend to talk to themselves. Somehow, in one way or another, it gives players an idea of who the characters are. It's just without a doubt the most effective pre-dialogue, and probably among the best in the industry.

Here, Blizzard made an interesting way of introducing these pre-dialogues in Overwatch. First off, whenever a player tries to go for or defend the payload, the heroes express some catch phrase or something. And indeed, this is also similar whenever they're eliminated by someone. It holds true, though, that some players might feel unsatisfied. It's just unfulfilling basically.

Nevertheless, it is the main reason why the community keeps on interacting. On a daily basis, players come up with their own theories or stories, all of which are interesting. The studio has just created a universe in which players can interact and come up with their own imagination. While some may think to tweak this kind of setting, they can't blame Blizzard. Besides, it's working perfectly so far.

In related Overwatch news, the Uprising event has just ended (particularly last May 1), as reported by Forbes. So far, it's one of the most exciting events the video game company introduced to the game. Fans were particularly thrilled with the loot boxes that came with some exciting skins, the Blackwatch. With the current event on an end, players are now looking forward to what the next one would be. Many believe, however, that the studio might resort to releasing yet another hero -- Doomfist, that is.

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