Here's Ark: Survival Evolved v257 Update In A Nutshell

New details about an upcoming Ark: Survival Evolved update has surfaced, and it looks very interesting so far. It's no other than v257 update, which will finally give way for a volcano to erupt. Of course, this update is not just about explosions; it is also coming with new things such as dinos.

According to One Angry Gamer, the aforementioned Ark: Survival Evolved update will bring a little twist to the game. Here, Studio Wildcard wants players to prepare for an upcoming volcano disruption. Apparently, the video game company did not exactly reveal where this volcano will be placed.

In a YouTube video (embedded below) from SparreysWorld, a visual guide of the supposed new Ark: Survival Evolved update can be seen. He also discussed all the possible areas or locations where the volcano will be placed. Add to this the fact that the new creatures have been unveiled -- namely, Kentrosaurus, Lioppleurodon, Giant Bee and Daedon/Hell Pig.

In order for the update to efficiently run in the game, the video game company plans to shut the servers down temporarily. Obviously, this is meant for the update to be accommodated. There are also those who think that this is primarily because the forthcoming update will be quite huge. Either way, it's really something to look forward to.

Heavy reports that the aforesaid Ark: Survival Evolved update, as expected, will arrive first on the PC platform. While it is true that it will be introduced to the console, its release on this platform remains a mystery. There is simply no way of knowing what the video game company is planning to do.

Many believe that this update will arrive in Ark: Survival Evolved on Wednesday, May 3. There are also talks suggesting that the update has been delayed, contradicting the rumors of it coming on the aforesaid date. Either way, there's no doubt that players are in for a huge treat.

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