Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips And Tricks: How To Take A Screenshot And Make GIFs

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a gorgeous piece of technology. It's also one of the most badass phones around in terms of features and capabilities. Just like how some handsome rugged-looking badass men are portrayed on the big screen or boob tube, the Galaxy S8 has some talents and characteristics that are not known to many.

One of that hidden gem of a skill that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has is the ability to create GIFs. The Galaxy S8 has the Edge panel features. These panels can be likened to an additional home screen. This extra screen, however, is hidden on the side of the display and can be accessed by simply swiping on it. The Edge panels include shortcuts for tasks and apps and another for contacts. Aside from these, there is the Smart Select panel which what Galaxy S8 owners need to access to create their own GIFs. A diagram showing the steps to reach the Smart Select panel is shown in this CNET report. In summary, the user just has to add the Smart Select tool by going to Settings, Display, Edge Screen and Edge Panels before enabling the Smart Select tool by simply tapping on its panel. The next step is to press on the GIF button, the red one, point the Galaxy S8 at the subject, and tap record.

GS8 owners can record GIFs in two kinds of settings including a high-quality one. The GIFs last for 15 seconds and can be edited, saved and shared.

Another feature of the Galaxy S8 that some owners may still be unaware of is its ability to take screenshots. For those who want to know how it works, there are two ways on both are quite simple. First, simply make sure that the subject is on the screen. Next, press volume and the standby button at the same time and the content will be captured and then saved in the "screenshots" folder.

As Pocket-lint explained, the other method involves gestures. First, the user needs to go through (in order) Settings, Advanced Features, Palm Swipe to Capture. Toggle this option on. Next, swipe to the left or right across the display using the side of the hand. The screen will then be captured and saved in the same folder in the gallery.

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