Samsung DeX Review: A Step Closer To Turning Your Smartphone Into A PC

The Galaxy S8 smartphone is already a powerful device in its own right, running by Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 835 chip. But the mobile phone is capable of more than being a powerful handheld device. With Samsung DeX, a docking station specifically made for the latest flagship, your phone can turn into a PC. And it is the closest any company has gotten so far.

Several companies in the past have attempted to give consumers an all-in-one device but all have failed so far. Even Microsoft Continuum only scratched the surface. But Samsung DeX, specifically made for Galaxy S8, turns the smartphone into a desktop workstation promptly. All a person has to do is plug the smartphone into the dock and hook it up to a monitor. And voila, you get an instant PC!

The Samsung DeX looks a bit like Microsoft Continuum. As The Verge describes it, the device has a dock with monitor, power, Ethernet and USB connections. But it is in the software that the docking station shines in the most. The Korean technology stalwart took a few Android apps and adapted them for the workstation by increasing their productivity. At the same time, it also makes the smartphone-turned-PC experience into a good one.

In comparison, Microsoft Continuum is only able to run a limited number of applications. On top of that, it has not impressed reviewers much at all. It also is not within distance of appealing to business or enterprises. The Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus coupled with Samsung DeX has the capability to turn business users' heads, according to CIO. It has been able to let users do much of their work using the docking station, which cannot be said about its competition.

However, the overall price of turning your smartphone into a PC might be a turn off for most people. The Samsung DeX fetches $150 by itself. Including the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse and Galaxy S8, this mobile workstation can cost almost a thousand bucks. In that regard, a person is still better off using a standard laptop.

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