Tesla Model 3 Updates: Preparations Close To Completion, Ready For Production Soon

The Tesla Model 3 has been recently revealed with its final features as its production stage approaches. Tesla revealed that the preparations are soon to be complete and will head to production as soon as it is done.

Tesla Model 3 Undergoes Road Testing

Tesla is going lengths to push through with the development of their safest electric-powered car, the Tesla Model 3. The automaker has revealed that the preparations are going well and that they have released a prototype to test it out before they start on the productions. The upcoming Model 3 sedan has been reportedly seen in public just last week.

The said public sighting was said to be the Tesla Model 3 being tested out on the road. The road test enables them to make sure that their programs are going well. It also gains them information of whatever might go wrong or something that they can improve on before putting it for the final process.

Tesla Still On Track With Model 3 Production

Aside from the road testing, Tesla has also tapped several various suppliers for the right kinds of parts so they can kick off the production. The preparations for the paint shop is reportedly done and they are progressing with the body welding and general assembly lines. However, Tesla is still working on some parts and equipment for the Model 3 that will meet the required production demand.

Tesla has already announced that the production of the Model 3 has been slated to start in July 2017 and they have already spent $553 million in the first three months this year to expand the anticipated electric car. They are sticking to their goal of producing at least 5,000 units per week of the Tesla Model 3 this year. They plan to release 10,000 units per week in 2018.

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