‘Rick And Morty' Season 3 News: Crossover With 'Family Guy' Teased By Fans, Multiple Concept Explained

Adult Swim and the producers of the show "Rick and Morty" have not provided any specific release date yet on their upcoming episodes. However, multiple fans already made some of their predictions and are requesting for a possible crossover with another series.

It has been a month already since "Rick and Morty" dropped their pilot episode for season 3. To this day, fans are still wondering if Adult Swim will again pull up another shocker. It is not the first time that the creative network made such surprises. They have been using this pattern for various series, but "Rick and Morty" stands out among the rest. Although the title for Season 3 Episode 2 is already confirmed on their social media page, avid fans want to know more on what "Rickmancing The Stone" is all about.

'Rick And Morty' Crossover With 'Family Guy'

When "Rick And Morty" dropped a couch gag parody of "The Simpsons," everyone was assuming that a crossover might happen soon. However, that was not the case as "Rick and Morty" just created the teaser for fun. The social media were unglued when they initially released the parody and was hoping that Rick and Homer Simpson will work together someday. A few hours ago, a very creative fan made a crossover between "Rick and Morty" and "Family Guy". If there's one word to describe the clip -- it would be epic. For those who are not familiar, Stewie Griffin of "Family Guy" is somehow the younger version of Rick in "Rick and Morty."

Rick Still Looking For Vengeance

Also, there are multiple concepts that were explained by insiders and what's the real score between Rick and the Galactic Federation. The only thing that is clear right now is, Rick is not yet done in dealing with the Galactic Federation and might form his own group. As for Morty, well, he has no choice but to follow the mad scientist.

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