‘Once Upon A Time' Update: The End Of An Era Confirmed By Producers

Perhaps, there is really a storybook ending as portrayed by fairytales. It was announced the other day that "Once Upon A Time" will be ending soon and all the characters and storylines in Storybrooke will have its corresponding closure.

'Once Upon A Time' Series Finale

"Once Upon A Time" has been surrounded by various rumors ever since season 6 started. Such as being canceled and some cast no longer interested in being part of the show. There were speculations that there is a rift between the main cast and the network due to pay cuts, but that doesn't seem to be the case. During an exclusive interview with a respectable magazine, one of the main cast stated that the "beef" that the media are creating does not even exist. The only problem is, the other rumor about the show coming is actually true.

The upper management of "Once Upon A Time" stated that the show would likely end this season, but they are not going to finish it without providing necessary closure for every storyline that they created. Legions of fans are still bewildered by the decision to end "Once Upon A Time" abruptly. Basing on the current ratings, "Once Upon A Time" has been providing respectable number since season 6 started. Multiple fans already created a petition for the network not to end "Once Upon A Time" but the verdict was already final.

Captain Swan And Musical Episode

The Captain Swan wedding, which includes some musical play, is one of the most anticipated episodes of the show. Ginnifer Goodwin who plays the role Snow White and Josh Dallas (Prince Charming) have provided a sneak peek at what is going to happen on the musical episode. Dozens of photos were also shared on social media showing that the last few episodes of "Once Upon A Time" will go on full Disney mode.

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