Nioh Guide: Strategies And Tips To Conquer This Hard Game

Nioh is a difficult game and players may find themselves struggling in combat, the game's systems and staying alive. Players who wish to take Nioh on must first accept the inevitability of failure and certain death -- lots of it. Doing so will help players come to terms with intermittent peaks of frustration and anger. To make the game a little easier, here are a few tips and tricks.

Nioh Guide To Staying Alive

Survival is an essential part of any game and in Nioh, the character's life is more precious. The first step into conquering this game is first, learning how to survive. Nioh might not be a game for everyone, especially to those who are used to playing god and are sorely focused on becoming an OP character. To survive in Nioh, the rule of thumb is to utilize all the available tools and systems in the game.

Items, for example, play an integral part of surviving in Nioh. The game has a wide array of items and the game can dump a lot of these on the player so it's easy to ignore them and never look at them again like the books players love to hoard in Skyrim (except that time they picked up The Lusty Argonian Maid). In Nioh, it is important to learn what these items do and use them because hoarding will encumber players (permanently).

The game Nioh will teach players to cut and run, live to fight another day so it is important to let go. Although it's against gamer instincts nearing blasphemous levels, admitting defeat is never always the first option. Players can get themselves out of trouble by using summoner's candles, harakari swords, travel amulets, himorogi fragments, and branches.

To survive in combat, possibly the most effective way to stay alive is by managing Ki. Ki is like stamina and once it runs out, stances will be interrupted by the player's doubling over and wheezing. Keep track of that Ki and manage it by avoiding pointless attacks. Players can recharge their Ki in Nioh by using sacred water. Also, heavy equipment will drain the player's Ki faster so it's better to stick around 70 percent.

Nioh Guide To Conquering The Game

Ki is as much important to enemies as it is to the player in Nioh. Keeping track of the enemy's Ki and striking when it is extremely low is an effective strategy. This will cause the enemy to stagger more and leave the player with more opening for deadly attacks.

Call a friend. Nioh does not have to be an "endless quest of Solitude." William can call for a multiplayer backup by offering up ochoko cups at shrines. Doing this before every boss battle is recommended and it will help players a great deal in making the fight easier.

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