Faraday Future FF91 Challenges Tesla Model 3; How Is It Different From Other Electric Cars?

Faraday Future has unveiled its new and latest electric vehicle, the FF91. The said car competes with Tesla Model 3 as both production models were unveiled this year.

Faraday Future FF91 Makes First Public Appearance

Faraday Future has just finally revealed the production model of the anticipated FF91. The FF91 is reportedly similar to the Genesis 690 and Volvo S90 but compared to other electric cars, it has more to offer. The said model has the number 1 in its name as an indication that it is the first model, hinting that Faraday Future is planning to make newer versions in the future.

After introducing the FF91 in January 2017, it was finally revealed to the public after it made its first appearance at a car show in Long Beach. Faraday Future has already started accepting reservations for the new FF91, which entitles the first 300 customers to the Alliance Edition, an exclusive launch upgrade that Future Faraday has yet to reveal more details on. The American technology company is eyeing to deliver orders in 2018.

What Makes The FF91 Different?

The upcoming Faraday Future FF91 has revealed to have better features than the other electric cars that are being developed such as the Tesla Model 3. The FF91 will apparently be a fast car that runs on a 1,050 horsepower electric engine, making it go at a speed of up to 60 mph in less than 30 seconds. Aside from that, the new FF91 reportedly has a better and bigger battery that beats Tesla Model 3’s performance. FF91’s battery has 130-kilowatt hours of energy and it can run up to 378 miles on it.

The Faraday Future FF91 will have the FF ID, which is a system installed that learns and adjusts to the driver’s preference to assure maximum performance, comfort, and safety. The said ID also recognizes the driver through facial recognition and Bluetooth features that allow the driver to actually become the ignition key to the car. However, despite the better features, analysts state that Tesla should not be worried about the competition because the Tesla Model 3 will have a head start in the market with is impending release and Faraday Future is reportedly trying to keep it up amidst debts and lawsuits.

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