‘Orange Is The New Black' Season 5 Leaked By Hackers, The Dark Overlord Call Out Network Giants

A few days ago, it was reported that the massive streaming giant, Netflix was hacked and the hackers threatened to release the unseen episodes of "Orange Is The New Black'. Well, it did happen as The Dark Overlord leaked new episodes from Season 5.

'The Dark Overlord'

Netflix was alarmed when the hackers, who introduced themselves as "The Dark Overlord", looked to engage with the streaming giant and hold it up for ransom. Netflix, who is very cautious about its product, was visibly stunned when few of its episodes were hacked. According to the recent post by "The Dark Overlord", they tried to talk to Netflix and settle a certain agreement but Netflix was defiant and was not participating in any of "The Dark Overlord's" demands. Thus, pushing the hackers to leak those episodes.

Netflix or "Orange Is The New Black" isn't the only network or TV show that is on the target list of "The Dark Overlord". Since no one seems to take the hackers seriously, "The Dark Overlord" called out ABC, NBC and NAT Geo. One of their post states that they are not playing games anymore as they have multiple data ready to be shared at any given time. "The Dark Overlord" did not mention on which show was hacked on other networks but basing on the sequence that they are doing, the hackers might release either new episodes or up and coming series that doesn't have any airdate yet.

Netflix Advised Not To Engage

Multiple security software specialists chimed in with "The Dark Overlord's" motive. According to them, Netflix should not engage or pay any amount to the hackers. Paying the ransom that is requested is basically perpetuating the current situation that the company is in. If in case, that "The Dark Overlord" has more data that was breached, it is best to let them leak those pieces of information as paying will just glorify what they are doing. As for "Orange Is The New Black" being leaked, avid fans will still surely watch the series once it is aired on Netflix.

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