Ark: Survival Evolved v257 Update Arrives, Details Here

Ark: Survival Evolved is set to receive the newest update called v257, as recently announced by Studio Wildcard via social media. It is confirmed to arrive with tons of interesting stuff, all of which are developed to bring more excitement. Here is everything about the forthcoming patch in a nutshell.

The Ark: Survival Evolved developers have just announced via the official Twiter page of the game the deployment of the update as mentioned earlier. "Official Server Deployment has now begun," the tweet says. PC players are asked to start their Steam clients so as to acquire the said update.

It is worth noting that v257 update has long been discussed a couple of times in different articles online. It holds true that it is bringing tons of interesting stuff, but the main focus of it is the new TEK gears. Among the latter is the Cloning Chamber, which is guaranteed to be a fun toy to play with.

Other stuff included in the upcoming Ark: Survival Evolved update is the Megalodon Saddie. This one here allows players to equip their mounts with lasers. There are deadly TEK grenades, too. Moreover, a total of four new creatures is will be added. However, as warned by Studio Wildcards, they are not that easy to get around with.

Express, on the other hand, notes that the said Ark: Survival Evolved update will arrive around 7 PM BST on the PC platform. Prior to the announcement made via Twitter, many thought this update would be pushed back. Fortunately, it isn't -- the update is arriving with full force as announced in the said social media site.

Interestingly, the new patch for the game will also arrive with a total of 20 new music tracks. These are either per-biome or situational. It should be noted that the studio first resorted to releasing added sounds, particularly on the existing dinos in the game.

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