‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers: Frieza Returns? Multiple New Saiyans To Be Revealed

The Universe 7 team is already complete thanks to Goku’s persistence in recruiting most of the fighters. However, multiple experts state that Goku and Universe 7 might once again meet their nemesis. His name is Frieza. Also, Universe 6 seems to be the home of the Saiyans as multiple characters will be introduced once the Battle Royal starts.

The last episode of “Dragon Ball Super” that was shown yesterday didn’t disappoint most of the fans. Not only they were able to show what Tien is doing but they were able to showcase the real capability of Master Roshi. Universe 7 are more than ready for the tournament but it is clear that their lineup is weak.

Frieza Is The 10th Fighter For Universe 7

Then out of nowhere a Japanese Magazine provided a possible spoiler for Episode 93 which states that Frieza is the 10th fighter for Universe 7. This is very intriguing, to say the least as Frieza hates Goku and the whole Universe 7. However, him joining Universe 7 is still in the equation due to his thirst for power. There are no hints yet on who will be replaced in the original lineup but Frieza is definitely an upgrade for Universe 7.

More Saiyans To Be Introduced

Also, TOEI Animation showed in episode 89 that Cabba isn’t the only Saiyan living in Universe 6. With the information provided by his former Captain in their squad, Cabba finds out that Caulifla is stronger than he thinks. Cabba is still trying to find more fighters in their Universe but it is crystal clear that Universe 6 is a pool for Saiyans. Lastly, Kale was seen in the clip looking very nervous while Cabba was dealing with Caulifla’s henchman.

Apparently, the recent translation given by Herms98 on his twitter account is actually correct. Kale is not like any other Saiyan who are relentless even if they are on their based form. Kale’s power and true skill only show up when she has seen enough. There is a reason why Kale is called the Female Broly and fighters from other universe should watch their surrounding once she is on beast mode


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