Clash Of Clans May Update: Everything We Know So Far

Clash of Clans players have been hoping to acquire the highly anticipated update for May. Apparently, Supercell Games has been playing the teaser role, stirring the interest of the fandom. With that said, it's interesting to see what everyone knows about the forthcoming update.

According to TouchArcade, the studio has once again teased the upcoming arrival of the Clash of Clans May update. This time around, though, they developers released an animated short called Captain's Log Day (embedded below). The start of the footage is no other than the Hog Rider, who's in a boat along with the other troops.

The aforementioned character thought of finding a way to be a new man in a new land. Simply put, he wants to put the hammer down. While this doesn't confirm anything, the short actually gives nod to some interesting rumors in the past. One is the existing of boats, which could refer to the shipwreck feature.

Also, there are Reddit users who shared their own views and thoughts toward the Clash of Clans short. One is the possibility of the May update to offer a feature that'll let players change account. There's also the idea of reinventing the character. This in one way or another could mean something, though it remains vague.

Moreover, there are rumors about a new TH Level (12 basically); however, this is very unlikely to be introduced along with the forthcoming update. After all, such change can prove to be massive and will require the developers all effort. And until something becomes official, only then can these rumors move forward.

As of this writing, the May update for Clash of Clans remains uncertain especially in terms of release date. Supercell has not been generous in giving details and/or specifics, except for the teasers such as the above-mentioned video. Nonetheless, with the month being here, it's expected from the studio to unveil a couple of key information.

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