How To Make The Most Of Your MacBook Pro's Touch Bar

Apple's current flagship laptop is a few months old now but there are probably some MacBook Pro owners out there that have yet to fully realize the potential of the new Touch Bar feature. This thin strip of OLED screen has had its fair share of likers and haters. The latter may have a change of heart once they know the following Touch Bar tips and tricks.

Microsoft Office Shortcuts

Microsoft acknowledged Apple's new innovation by making its latest Office suite, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, fully compatible with the Touch Bar. That said, you can create shortcuts for the different tools and features of the Microsoft Office on the Touch Bar. In other words, there's no need to go through drop-down menus anymore just to format your texts and other such tasks.

Play Games

A number of third-party developers have already integrated classic games such as Pac-Man and Lemmings into the Touch Bar. Another iconic game, Pong, can be downloaded via Touch Pong app and played with the help of the Touch Bar. Simply swipe left or right on the OLED strip while playing Pong to move the controller.

Make Music

The Touch Bar Piano by Graham Parks is a fun way to create music or to just while away the time fiddling with your Touch Bar. The tool allows you to play 128 different instruments so there's more than enough to go on for music enthusiasts.

Picture Perfect

Tech Radar knows how tedious it is to navigate through more than a thousand photos of your last holiday adventure. The Photos app allows users to browse through hundreds of photos on the Touch Bar making it easier to choose which ones you'll put on your Facebook page. The compact version of the photos appears on the Touch bar and you only have to slide your finger across to move the gallery. Hover over a certain photo and the enlarged version will show up on the display.

If by chance, you are not a fan of the Touch Bar and these tips and tricks don't change your mind, then you have the option to completely get rid of the feature. As VentureBeat explained, the TouchBarDisabler does what its name implies.

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