Blizzard's Overwatch Reaches Billionaire Status

The success of Overwatch today is not really surprising, considering all the milestones it reached since launching. This only shows that Blizzard has done a wonderful job in developing a title; and yes, that's evident with the Billionaire status the game has acquired.

According to The Verge, the hit shooter game Overwatch has managed to earn $1 billion in just less than a year. Activision Blizzard revealed this new milestone during the company's recently concluded earnings report. The company dubbed the title as "the 8th billion-dollar franchise" in its portfolio.

With the news status the aforementioned title acquired, it is sitting next to the likes of Skylanders and Call of Duty. It is worth noting that these titles are also considered as one of the most successful games in history; and almost all fans will agree, that the success the title acquired recently is only right.

Overwatch first came to existence last May of 2016; and since then, it broke records after records. It quickly became Blizzard's fastest-growing franchise. Above all, it reached the billionaire status in just less than a year in the industry. By the looks of it, there is no stopping the game from even reaching greater heights.

Last month, the game managed to hit an estimated player pool of 30 million. It has been said that most of the game's sales came from purchasing a copy, there is no doubt that in-game purchase also did the trick. In fact, the company revealed that its in-game content business managed to grow by over 25 percent on a yearly basis.

In related Overwatch news, Polygon reports that China's gaming regulations are forcing Blizzard to reveal the very contents of the loot boxes. Apparently, the studio gave in and detailed the said on the Chinese site of the game. It has revealed that each box, in one way or another, should contain at least one rare.

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