'Final Fantasy XV' Guide: How To Unlock The Armiger God Mode

Some players of Final Fantasy XV did it again. They discovered a glitch that unlocks the Armiger God mode. Thus, they were able to circumvent the linear character of the game. This glitch gives them the ability to explore the open world of the game that was not possible before.

The Armiger God Mode Makes A Player Invincible

This Armiger God Mode in Final Fantasy XV makes Noctis invincible. There are two instances in this game where it can be used by Noctis effectively. He can use this mode when he fights Ardyn and Leviathan. When Noctis is in this invincible mode, he can make his swords swirl around him, making him invulnerable to any attacks by his enemies.

Players Must Reload Chapter 15

Players can use this Armiger God mode in the Final Fantasy XV open world if they can take advantage of this glitch; but to do that, players must first beat the game. After accomplishing that, they must reload Chapter 15 and kill Ifrit once more. Once done, they can do many things.

Players Can Fly To The Inaccessible Tenebrae

One of the things players can do is to fly to Tenebrae which is usually inaccessible in Final Fantasy XV. However, once players are in the Armiger God mode, they can fly over all the building and palaces of Tenebrae. They can even take a peek into the room of Luna if they want to.

Other Things Players Can Do In This Mode

Gamers who can access this Armiger God mode glitch in Final Fantasy XV can also teleport to the special place of the Shiva Corpse. Instead of just being able to see her head, a player in this mode will be able to see her whole body.

There are many other things players can do in Final Fantasy XV if they are in the Armiger God mode. For instance, they can fly from Lucis to Altissia using the Regalia. They can also ride the Chocobo, do some fishing and much more. Some say that players can turn on this God mode permanently; although, this is the subject of another guide.

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