‘Sonic Mania’ Trailer Showcasing New Gameplay For Flying Battery Zone Unveiled By Sega

Sega has just released a new gameplay trailer for Sonic Mania, which seems like the game scenario is getting back to the days of the Flying Battery Zone. This time, however, the video clip provides a closer look at Knuckles as he negotiates his way through a remixed version of Dr. Eggman's giant airship. It appears that the former enemies are becoming allies.

The Flying Batter Zone of the upcoming update of Sonic Mania is somewhat like a copy of the Green Hill Zone, particularly that of the Sonic & Knuckles version of 1994. Knuckles is shown in the new trailer using his unique abilities to glide and scale the walls in order to get to the stage. The video clip also shows the Echidna killing some of his enemies.

It is a 30-second video clip, the same length as the video announcement made by Sega about the delay of its launch date. Originally, the game publisher planned to unveil Sonic Mania this spring. However, some events have transpired which led the developer to postpone its release this coming summer.

The Flying Battery Zone was the first time Mega Drive gamers were able to play the look-alike character of Mick Hucknail, that was in the 1994 version of Sonic & Knuckles. This time, Sonic Mania will be a mixture of new and old zones. Additionally, the famous Green Hill Zone will also be re-updated to get it in harmony with 2017.

Sonic Mania is set to launch on PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4. The video game will also be playable on Sega, although there is no announcement about its exact release date for this platform. In a related note, Sonic Forces, also by Sega, unveiled its unique version of the Green Hill Zone. It is also a combination of classic side-rolling stages, 3D, and modern Sonic gameplay. Its release date is scheduled later this year.

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