Abby Lee Miller Disappointed With 'Dance Moms' Original Cast For Not Reaching Out; Rants About Show's Company

It has been a while since Abby Lee Miller left “Dance Moms”. She was recently involved in a fraud case and is reportedly sentenced to one year and one day in prison. Miller has revealed she is upset that none of the show’s cast has reached out to her.

‘Dance Moms’ Doesn’t Care About Abby Lee Miller?

Abby Lee Miller has been going through a rough patch recently because of fraud charges against her and her parting with “Dance Moms” was not a pretty sight either. After quitting the show and having a fit on social media on how she was neglected, she has broken her silence once again. She has revealed that none of the original cast of the said Lifetime reality show has reached out to her.

Miller said that ever since the original cast made lots of money, she had lost contact with them. She added that even the production company did not check how she was doing. However, several from the current cast of “Dance Moms” such as Maddie Ziegler and Chloe Lukasiak have relayed their moral support for their former mentor. Miller has shown her gratitude for her students who have remained remain loyal clients despite not having attained fame and money yet.

Abby Lee Miller Caught Ranting About ‘Dance Moms’ Company

Miller has already voiced out her thoughts about how she was treated in “Dance Moms”. However, it seems like she hasn’t shared everything yet as she has reportedly just ranted about the company managing the said dance reality show. According to Miller, Collins Avenue Production never trusted her skills, which hindered the show to become better.

She said that the company told her what she had to do even though she has been in the business since she was a teenager. She emphasized that she loved working with children and even dedicated her life to helping her students to become successful. She pointed out then that she never liked being manipulated and disrespected, which is how she felt working with the show and the company.

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