Abby Lee Miller's Incarceration Expected To Last For Ten Months; Miller To Work On New Show Behind Bars?

Former "Dance Moms" coach Abby Lee Miller has been sentenced to go to jail for over a year last Tuesday. The reality star is, however, staying positive as she finally gets her peace of mind with the trial finally over. Miller already had a few things in mind on how she is going to spend her jail time, and she revealed in an interview some of her goals that she wishes to fulfill before getting out again to the real world in 2018.

Abby Lee Miller heard her sentencing last Tuesday in a Pennsylvania court. Miller's camp lost their appeal for probation instead of incarceration as the federal judge ordered the former Lifetime star to serve a year and a day behind bars but is expected to finish her time in months. Furthermore, the dance mentor is to observe two years of probation after her release in 2018 and will have to pay a fine amounting to $40,000. The dance coach is about to be locked up in a federal jail in the next 44 days, but she wishes to take some time to reflect until then.

In an interview after her court hearing, Abby Lee Miller claims she felt relieved and finally found peace that her bout already came to an end. However, she also recognizes that her imprisonment is just the beginning of the punishments that she has to face, following her poor judgment back in 2015.

Abby Lee Miller then tried to look at things in a more positive way as she joked about her sentence being a movie-title like order. Following this, Miller said that she would spend the next year pretending that she is shooting a movie and will use her time to learn to speak Spanish and plan on a new show.

The "Dance Moms" former host stays confident that she can still go back to her bright career when she goes out of prison next year. In fact, Abby Lee Miller revealed that she would be pitching a new dance show even if she is locked in jail.

Furthermore, the former coach recognized her "mistakes" and apologized to her colleagues who reportedly cried because of her crime. She also admitted to the federal judge that she feels "ashamed" of what she has done and told reporters that if she has to redo things, she would not have filed for bankruptcy.

Abby Lee Miller is supposed to go to a federal jail in Pennsylvania, but her legal representatives asked for her to serve her time in a facility in California as she has actually spent most of her years in Los Angeles where she started her ALDC. The judge reportedly agreed with the suggestion and promised to make the recommendation for her, but the final decision on where Abby Lee Miller will be incarcerated is yet to be determined.

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